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The statement that the photo sells the product is very accurate, with other preconditions, of course, such as quality, price, competitiveness, etc. How many times have you just entered the site and simply refused to open a few more pages because of poor design (if it can be called design at all) and image quality? Professional product photography plays an important role in popularity and number of visits of your website.


Profesionalna fotografija prodaje proizvod


Don't forget that your website, your online store is your shop window. Photos make over 50% of the content of almost all site pages, as part of the design. Photographing products in professional manner is necessary, since it is very important how photos fit into the design and what quality they are. Also, very important thing is what you’re trying to say through that picture. You've probably heard of the phrase “Picture says a thousand words”.

How important is product packaging design? When your product is on the shelf in the store, placed right next to other products, with approximate prices, when most customers actually ignore or do not distinguish the quality, then the packaging design becomes crucial in the customer's decision. The design will prevail when making purchase decision. You probably know that in large retail chains, there are shelves that are paid extra and free shelves to exhibit your products. Yes those shelves at eye level are paid for. Shelves where some people have to jump or have to squat to see the product are not charged extra. And did you know how far all this goes? Did you know that WallMart, a large American retail chain, when creating a new store makes floors under special slight slopes, so that the trolley slider simply slides, and all that for the customers’ convenience? ”The convenience of shopping”, “the customer in the first place”, how many times have we heard that? And what does it take for you to be in the first place.

In any business, a big mistake is made by people who ask the question – “how much will it cost me?” The real question that a serious businessman should ask is – what can I get, how much and in what period of time? If I'm happy with what I get, then tell me how much it would cost me, and when I subtract and add, I'll know if I should invest.

Just like in classic stores, there are highlighted products in online stores. There is a process and convenience of shopping. However, unlike a classic store, where the product is tangible, in the online store you need a different type of product presentation and professional product photography is of utmost importance.


Professional product photography


First of all, you should keep in mind that photographing products on your own, as an amateur, not to mention with mobile phone, can lead to the product being poorly presented. And then no matter how competitive your products are, your online store functional, done in recent weeks, and the first on Google, you come to the situation that the conversion of a visit to a purchase is low.

Most products require studio photography. Photographing products in the studio implies a professional approach. It's not just about setting the lights and clicking. So, depending on the type of product, it is very important from which angle you’re photographing products, on which background, whether with some accompanying elements, whether on the model, etc. Further processing of the photo for the Internet store implies the use of various programs and techniques that will enable the final photos to be of sufficiently high quality for presentation on the Internet.

Of course, there are also more advanced photo processing techniques, when the photo is not edited, but practically designed, when various effects and elements are added to the photo, or more photos fit together, etc.


Napredna obrada fotografije



360 degree photography


When you think that you reached an end, you should know that there is no end and that a person becomes more and more spoiled, and every day with the advancement of technology there are higher and higher expectations. Thus, we are witnessing that classic digital photography is increasingly being replaced with the 360-degree photography. Since there is strong competition, more and more people are opting for 360-degree photography, which means shooting products from multiple angles. For the purposes of the Internet presentation, the product is usually photographed from 18 or 24 angles, sometimes if the product is full of details it is photographed from 36 angles. The angles are evenly distributed, so if photographed from 36 angles, the product rotates 10 degrees for each photo.

Presenting products in this way can be a special advantage for distributors and manufacturers in terms of better presentation to their customers at a distance, but also raising the authority of the company itself.

Today, not only are there very few sites or Internet stores where products are presented in a 360-degree rotation, but we still have a bunch of sites where images of almost terrible quality are posted. And that is exactly why today it is an advantage, for every entrepreneur not to ask how much it costs but how much he gets.




Fotografisanje 360 stepeni rotacija proizvoda Fotografija 360 stepeni - sa mogućnošću isticanja detalja proizvoda Slikanje 360 stepeni rotacija proizvoda

Finally, we must mention that the product can be presented via video. Video presentation of the product can be done in different ways. In the wardrobe, it usually looks like the model walks and turns, while with technical products, there are usually video instructions through which the technical characteristics of the product are explained to the customer, i.e. he is given the comfort of visual instead of textual presentation.

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