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Author: Marija Gojkovic - * nbgteam

Everyone who embarked on the independent creation and promotion of the web shop realized that it was a fight with windmills. Creating and promoting an online store requires serious and continuous work. Primarily, you need a competitive advantage, but web shop also requires an original and clear design, which will not only attract a potential customer, make him to review the online store, to stay on it, but also to return to it and recommend it to others. The web shop should enable easy shopping, clear categorization and selection of sections and products (latest, promotions, best sellers ...). Also, the web store should be sharp-cut, with the appropriate quality of photos and adequate description of items. The online store can also have a space for comments, where users can express their opinion about purchased products.


Promocija Internet Prodavnice - Internet Marketing

So before you start working on promoting an internet store, it is necessary to provide the basic conditions of appearance and functionality, keeping in mind targeted visitors. Visit and conversion of visit are two different terms.



There are many online stores today and you need to be ahead of the competition. In addition, if you are less well known in the market, you need to convince the customer to trust you. Not a small number of internet customers have negative experiences and have been deceived either in terms of subsequent price, poor quality, response, service, etc... You need to gain the trust of potential customers. One of the basic ways is a well-designed internet store.

It is necessary to invest a lot of energy, time and money to bring a visitor and a potential buyer to the site. The main goal should be the conversion of a visit into a purchase or re-purchase, everything else is a luxury that you must not allow yourself.
According to marketing research, any conversion between 2 and 5 percent is considered a success. Everything over 5 percent is considered to be more than successful, or you have a very interesting product or service.

In the case of a conversion below 2 percent, know that you need an analytical approach and revision of the campaign or the concept of the online store.



The future cannot be imagined without online business and it is intended for all business people, small, medium and large companies. An internet store will reduce your costs, improve your business and give you a realistic insight, and thus control over sales. An online store will allow your products or services to be seen all over the world. It used to be unthinkable for retail goods from Europe to be sold in America or goods from Asia in Europe. Today, all this is possible with just a few clicks.

At a time when one lives fast, marketing has a big impact on all of us. Today, everything is marketing. We buy books that are promoted, chocolates that are advertised, movies that are talked about and so on ... Internet marketing plays a particularly big role in the market. It is almost impossible to imagine that a particular product or service will receive the attention that only Internet marketing can afford.

Television advertising is a big expense and provides an opportunity for a certain number of people to see it. Online marketing offers unlimited possibilities. Online marketing offers the possibility of a much larger overview and in an unlimited period of time. So you will watch the TV advertisement today, and tomorrow you’ll have to pay for the term again. Internet advertisement can be watched at any time, maybe just when you need a certain product or service. Potential buyers are the ones who will look for you, without the need to be intrusive. It is enough to be there, to be present in the market.

You can use Google Adwords for fast results. You can create Google Ads yourself if you follow the appropriate instructions, but as always, the rule is that it’s best to contact experts. Internet marketing encompasses a whole range of businesses, including Google Ads marketing. The result a Google Adwords certified partner can make for you is certainly bigger and more cost-effective.

Every form of marketing requires a certain investment. Accordingly, you need to assess which type of marketing suits you best. Keep in mind that the comparison of investment and return in the case of Internet Marketing is very measurable.

Long-term activities, i.e. investing in internet marketing, include site optimization for search tools. SEO optimization for search tools involves a serious approach to the analysis of a complete marketing niche. SEO optimization after a well-done analysis is not done on just a couple of keywords of your choice. Namely, after the keywords analysis (number of searches on a monthly basis for a certain language and area), an analysis of competition activities is performed. Based on that, the best keywords are singled out. These are the words with the best demand / competition activity ratio. The first task is to bring the site to the best possible positions for the best keywords, with the goal of getting a return on investment, i.e. continuous development. After that, we work on occupying a complete marketing niche, which of course depends on the activities of the competition.

When you decide on a certain type of marketing, put yourself in the place of the customer (the consumer). Ask questions that you would ask if you were buying a particular product or service yourself.

Then you will be able to provide Internet Marketing experts or SEO experts the right guidelines because you know your business best.



Google Ads are the fastest way to get results and make money. With this type of advertising, you determine the budget and how much you’ll spend on a daily basis. Payment is per click. The cost of a click depends on the activities of the competition. This means that if you offer to pay 5 cents per click and 11 other competitors offer more, with a steady display you won’t be on the front page if you don’t bid more per click. This type of advertising involves constant investment and is practically measurable per click. For example, if you spent 100 € on Google Ads and made a conversion and a profit of less than 100 €, then it doesn’t pay off. If the profit is greater than the investment, you can decide to increase your investments next month in order to increase your profit.

SEO optimization activities are continuous. We are talking about long-term development here, i.e. taking positions on Internet searches. Of course, after taking positions, it is necessary to maintain them. SEO optimization, unlike Google advertising, does not bring fast results, but it brings long-term results and is much more profitable in the long run - you no longer depend on the price of a click.

Social media marketing is another form of online marketing. Social networks are used to advertise products or services. This kind of marketing enables direct contact with customers and consumers, the possibility of feeling the market, improving the business, as well as a quick reaction to the success of the campaign and the possibility of correcting it. Social networks are still misunderstood by many people today and used for direct advertising. Direct advertising through social networks may have worked once upon a time. Today, however, social networks are what they were meant to be in the beginning, and persistent advertisers actually only end up getting a bad reputation. Proper use of social networks is first and foremost a good reputation, and when used properly, social networks are best for building existing customers and word of mouth advertising.

Finally, there is advertising through the Newsletter, which again is misused by many. The newsletter is used exclusively for advertising with a known customer. Everything else is spam and harassment.

As you can see the possibilities are huge, you just need to use them properly.


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