UniCredit Bank - Platne kartice - Visa, MaterCard, Maestro THE PROCEDURE FOR SETTING UP AN E-COMMERCE SERVICE is simple since our agency is representative of UniCredit Bank. All you need is a signed contract regarding the online shop development and a bank account.


PAYMENTS VIA CREDIT CARD can be obtained from the first day of commissioning of your online store. We currently accept paymentS via VISA and MasterCard / Maestro payment cards in Serbia.


COMMISSION FOR THE PROCESSING OF PAYMENT is low, decreases with the growth of your sales and there are no hidden costs.


DO NOT WORRY ABOUT SECURITY since the system was developed using the highest security standards defined by the credit card organizations Visa and MasterCard - 3D Secure System. All credit card data are entered on a secure page of the Bank.






The payment slip is still used in payment processes in all countries. This type of payment is most desirable considering that you, as a seller do not have transaction costs, and payments are made in advance as with credit cards.


However, this type of payment is slowly becoming obsolete given the increasing trend of credit card payments. Depending on the industry and the market, it is possible that this form of payment is the right decision and you can speed it up by giving a discount if the buyer chooses this type of payment.


Cash on delivery is the least popular form of payment, since payment is made when goods are delivered, and the percentage of return must be considered. Depending on the type of product or market, the percentage of returns varies from 2 to 5%, which is an acceptable risk.


Of course, the percentage of returns depends mainly on the speed and quality of transport. In this regard, you need to think carefully when choosing a courier or organization in case of your on transport.