We have started with our activities in 2002 and have gained a great experience till today. Our team is dedicated to developing and monitoring new technologies. We specialize in creating professionally designed, quality and fast websites, online stores and web applications, of different levels of complexity.


* Nbgcommerce - why?

* Nbgcommerce is software that we have developed by gathering experience and constantly improving and testing it in two-way communication with the client, always keeping in mind the end user (visitor).

Unlike free solutions that exist on the Internet, our software is safe, easy to use and tailored to your needs and requirements.

With this tool and our support you will be able to expand the market, reduce costs and develop your business.


We provide training, support and suggestions according to your goals and capabilities.


Our mission is simple. Satisfied customer = Lower costs + Higher sales

We are here to share our experience and expertise. Our goal is to grow your business. Our goal is to develop together with you.

We want open communication with the client, precise and honest agreements.