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It is said that time is money. Whether you value it that way or in some other way, we can all agree that time is the most important resource. We are always in a hurry and often late. We try to save as much time as possible. Resourceful as we are, we have found a way to do all our shopping online. Isn't that the biggest advantage of the 21st century? Today, with just a few clicks, you can order everything you want and your package will be delivered to your home address. Creating an online store is a demanding job, if you want everything to work flawlessly. Below you will find an interesting story about the Internet and all its possibilities. At the very top of it is certainly the web shop.


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Creating an online store and all its advantages

We have all noticed that it is no longer necessary to move from one part of the city to the other in order to buy what we need. Internet shops are there to ease the torment of consumers. But is that their only advantage? The benefits of online shopping are felt by both consumers and sellers. For all owners of smaller or larger stores - this way of trading saves a lot of money. While it certainly takes some capital to run an online shop, the savings you will have later are much more valuable.

For starters - if you opt for online shopping, you will not have to pay for space and workers. Another very important thing - your products will no longer be available in just one city, but Internet users around the country and the world will be able to order your product if you choose so.

The third, but not the least important advantage - your web shop will work 24 hours a day. From the customer's point of view - a store that works 24 hours a day and delivers goods to your home address is a real pleasure. When it comes to creating an online store, it is important that all customer requirements are met. Everything needs to be very clear, transparent and simple. That way, customers will make their purchase very quickly, be satisfied with the service and come back again


History of Internet shops


We could say that this era officially began in 1990 when Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web. He is justifiably called the father of the Internet. For all his merits, this Briton was awarded the knighthood of the British Royal House. The first online orders were offered by Pizza Hut back in 1994. The following year, Jeff Bezos launched, today the planetary popular, Amazon.com. The fact that Amazon had its first profitable year in 2003 shows that everything developed slowly and that there were only a few such platforms in the world. It took them 8 years to get to their feet.

After 2005, the creation of the internet shops gradually expanded to all major cities in America and Western Europe, as well as certain Asian countries. Online shopping has unlimited possibilities that should be used


Creating an online store – price

When it comes to creating an online store, the price primarily depends on which type of it you choose. A cheaper variant is the "open source" online shop, which is a template, so the production is much faster. However, this type of web shop is not suitable for companies that would have many categories or products, due to poor page loading.

Another option is to create an online shop that would be "custom". This variant would be more expensive, but certainly safer and more suitable for countless categories and subcategories, photographs and accompanying material. If you need a permanent and quality solution - our recommendation would definitely be a "custom" web shop.

Consumer habits have long since changed. Even when they want to go to the store and buy a certain product, they will most likely look at the offer on the Internet first. The Internet has become the center of our lives, not only when it comes to entertainment, but also when it comes to making money. If you think that making an online shop would contribute to your business - contact us for a free assessment of online store development and a consultation. We will be happy to consider all the ideas and make the right decision together


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